Posted by: Chris | 02/06/2009

The foundation is solid for IBM’s future nano lab

Attended by more than 350 guests, including local government officials, academia, IBMers both past and present, partners,  and members of the press we hosted the celebration of the laying of our foundation stone today for the new Nanotechnology Lab here in Rüschlikon.  If you were following the live photos online, great.  If not, one is below and you can see more here.

As you would expect the event featured several guest speakers and if I had to choose several words that really summarized the theme for what everyone said they would be “bold”, “forward-thinking” and “collaboration”.  I will post videos shortly with the speeches and you can hear for yourself.  The one by Dr. Georg Bednorz, IBM Researcher and Nobel Prize Laureate was particularly inspiring. (I will post his video and others shortly)

Throughout the planning for today’s event we organized a time capsule that collected more than 50 artifacts from IBM Zurich Lab employees and ETH professors.  You can see the donations here.

Overall, it was a proud moment for the lab and its employees.  Thomas Watson Jr., the son of the founder of IBM and former chairman, had great forsight, when opening the Zurich Research Lab in 1956, he commented:  “Advances in the various fields of human endeavor are due, to a large extent, to the cooperation of the best brains and best talents available everywhere.”  I couldn’t agree with him any more.

Sky view of Foundation Stone Event

Sky view of Foundation Stone Event

The one embarrassing moment during our event was when I was asked to pour concrete over the time capsule, the concrete delivered in a huge bucket had almost turned solid and just did not come out at the bottom. The workers then had to turn the bucket up-side down to empty it. We had talked too long :-).

After 40 minutes of speeches the concrete started to take the shape of the mixer

Finally, the concrete was broken up and poured over the time capsule

Finally, the concrete was broken up and poured over the time capsule for eternity.


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